Sunday, August 16, 2015


Asalamu Alaykom,

I just got back from living the good life at a Red Sea resort.  Although I've been to resorts in the Midwest and the Caribbean, it was my first time at a resort in Egypt.  What I felt there was different; basically, I felt some hope for humanity all getting along.


There was a very diverse group of guests at the resort and yet we all got along.  There were more Russians and Germans than Egyptians milling around mealtimes; I didn't meet any other Americans and only heard a few Brits.  At the pool, there were not only women of all sizes and ages in bikinis but also women fully covered in hijab or modest swimsuits.  There were men in speedos and men in burmudas.  The tattooed couples and the Muslim couples co-existed.  I've been asking myself how that happened because if it can happen in a microcosm then we can also manifest it in the real world.

Axiom 1  We all made a choice to be at the resort.

Everyone consciously planned and made an effort to be there.  It was a financial sacrifice for most of us.  That knowledge that we had made a choice meant that we were actualizing a dream and we all cared to make the best out of it.

Ergo Realize that you and everyone around you has life dreams for which many choices have to be made.  Honor how much of a struggle life is for everyone.  Being an active participant in life stops you from wondering what the other people are doing.

Axiom 2  The resort didn't belong to any of us.  We were guests.

Even though we were in Egypt, this was neutral ground where all nationalities became a community.  We accepted the generosity of those in charge.

Ergo Know that the earth does not belong to any of us and we too are only here due to benevolence.

Axiom 3  If we wanted to stay, we had to follow the rules

Everyone there had their own wants and needs but each of us knew that we could be kicked out if we went against the rules.  We all honored the rules because we wanted to stay.

Ergo Follow the basic rules of decency and kindness to humanity regardless of what anyone else is doing.

Axiom 4  Everyone was connected to family.

Family was the important unit.  Everyone was focused on family and taking care of them.  There were very few friendships.

Ergo  Family is key.

Axiom 5  There was a barrier between every small group which no one felt like breaking.

Cultural barriers of language, beliefs, clothing, food, priorities, time, etc. existed between families units.  Whatever you thought you might want to say or advise to another family, you didn't.  You knew that it would not be easy to communicate and that they wouldn't necessarily understand or appreciate your efforts.

Ergo  Leave others alone.  Even if you speak the same language, your efforts won't be fully understood or appreciated.

Axiom 6  There was no outward display of culture or religion.

While there were many cultures and religions represented, no one flaunted it.  Yes, women wore hijab while others wore bikinis but those differing styles of dress weren't problematic.  I'm stating that no crosses and Bibles or prayer beads and Qurans were carried around.  No one was proselytizing their religion.  Also, no one was waving a flag, singing an anthem, or chanting a cheer for a team.

Ergo Keep your affiliations private.

Axiom 7  There was plenty for all.

Scarcity would have changed everything.  Because we all had enough food, water, shelter, privacy and space, no one cared what anyone else had.

Ergo Getting along only happens when everyone has enough.

Axiom 8  Everyone was busy.

I have no idea what anyone else was doing on their vacation.  I was focused on my family and getting the most out of our time together.

Ergo Stay focused on yourself and your immediate family.  Don't care what others are doing.

Axiom 9  It was for a short time.

We were only there for four days.  Others stay for a week or two weeks.  From my days of summer camp, I know that ultimate self-actualization only seems to happen in these quick bursts.

Ergo In real life, getting along all the time might not be possible.

Axiom 10  Freedom for everyone.

The resort guests had freedom to do as they pleased (within the rules) and that freedom was respected with good behavior.  We also had the freedom to leave.

Ergo Not everyone has freedom and even some of those who have it don't utilize it.  Only by having freedom of choice can anyone get along.

Could the whole world become a happy resort-like community?  Not by tomorrow.

Could you become a little bit happier by living like you are in a resort.  Maybe.  Give it a try.