Thursday, June 8, 2017

Day 12 Ramadan 2017

Ramadan Kareem,

The heat has totally zapped us, so this is going to be a short summary before I go to bed.


Foul medamnes and cheese with bread, and a small cucumber, followed plain yogurt, peach slices and muesli.  You'd think that would be enough for the whole day, right?



Pray and sleep.  For El Kid, it was sleep, pray, sleep again.  


I did not study Quran yet today.  I don't like bringing my Quran around with me wherever I go.  It's totally accepted in Egypt, but I don't feel good about it.  To me, studying Quran is a really quiet, private time that needs my full attention, rather than multi-tasking.  The downside of that belief is that I'm not reading enough.


I went to school alone as El Kid stayed home to rest up and study up for his next two exams tomorrow.  It's really a toss up on whether or not to bring him to school on days like today.  In the end, I decided that he would be better to have him just sleep more.

Lots of nothing to do today at school---chatted with my co-workers mostly.  Will I miss them?  Yes.  I don't have any friends in Egypt, and these people have been close substitutes.  Will I keep in touch?  Maybe.  Inshahallah.

Another thing I did was to leave school and go the neighborhood shop.  It was decorated with some fun fabric featuring pop culture icons.  In case you're wondering, yes, I was the only shopper taking photos and being scrutinized for taking photos.

The store had another fabric hanging for Ramadan that featured the foul medamnes sellers (they have the spoon in the silver pot) and the konafah makers (they look to be pouring the batter onto the hot pan).

I then spotted this doll dressed up as a konafa seller.

Here's a close-up on the mustachioed seller and his confections.

The small store is usually stocked well and I could find some items that other stores don't have.  There were packages of almonds, apricot, and raisins that are all in high demand in Ramadan---and EXPENSIVE! There were also sheets of apricot leather to make into juice.  I bought it all and hoped that my hub wouldn't mind that I spent 225 LE.


I came home and we went over the receipt.  My husband is nothing if not thorough.  He appreciated my shopping.  I appreciated what he had done.  Nicely, he had peeled potatoes, sliced them up and had them soaking in a bowl.  Our french fries would taste better because of him.  He also made a salad.  We work together in a very real combined effort to make our lives---and especially the times like Ramadan---function.

I had slept on the bus, so I didn't need to sleep at home.  The heat was still awful, so I did wash up and lay down.  We don't have AC, so cooling off is a challenge.  Eventually, I got up, filled up the bowl for handwash laundry items, put in two coolant ice blocks and soaked my feet----after El Kid because he was needing it more than me.


Time to finally drink!  Subhanallah we need drinkable water more than anything else!  We simply didn't have enough chilled water to drink.  We drank up the dom juice, the pina colada drink, AND our water.  

After dinner we had the second night of malabiya, but this time I added minced apricot, raisins and sliced almonds.  It was more delicous!


Prayed and went to sleep by 10:15.  

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