Saturday, June 10, 2017

Day 14 Ramadan 2017

Ramdan Kareem,
Thank God for the weekend!



I was worried that we maybe needed...ahem...a little coffee and apricots in our systems this morning.  Ramadan is famous for clogging up the pipes.  We also had a yogurt smoothie and apple slices.  NO BREAD!  That met with some upset from El Kid, but I really have to be careful with his health especially.



Due to the coffee, after we prayed, El Kid and I both stayed up for a few hours.  It was nice and quiet without the yelling parents and whining kids----or was that the whining parents and the yelling kids?  Either way, it was blissfully quiet.

I slept after that and woke up tired.  The only remedy for being tired is to get a move on, so I worked a bit in the house.  I have to organize all the books I need to return to school by next Thursday (probably should have done that earlier).



My husband usually prays Jummah prayer at the mosque.  About every other time, El Kid goes.  I always stay home.


I finished Surah An-Nisa which is the fourth.  That's not very far.  Nope, it's not.  It is, however, more Quran than I'd normally read in any other week in the year, so alhumdulillah.  My husband is half way through the whole book.  Yes, he is happy to be further along than me.  I'll let him win this one.



It was so hot, I took a shower just to cool off.  While fasting, it's OK to shower because we don't normally swallow water in the shower, right?  If you do, then don't take the risk.  For me,  since I don't drink the Egyptian tap water, it's not an issue.

I called my mom and had a nice chat.  It's been hard those various Fridays not having good connections, or to having run out of credit.  In a way, every problem does make me that much more grateful when we do connect for those 17 minutes.  Alhumduilllah.

I was able to watch Double Your House for Half the Money after that.


6: 55


We had vegetable soup (that I cut the veggies for), macaroni that El Kid and I added cheese to, and the fatty meat I told my hub not to buy (but he bought anyway).

Later, we had pineapple jelly.



We stayed up past isha until around 11:00, but once E Kid's head hit the pillow, he was out like a light.

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