Sunday, June 4, 2017

Day 9 Ramadan 2017

Ramadan Kareem,

The Ramadan Planner is a booklet I bought from Alif Bookstore before Ramadan for 45 LE.  I don't use it as much as I could, but I find comfort in having it at my desk for reference.  Checking in with it means that I'm connecting with a plan for this trip I'm on.  It is finite and it will end inshahallah.  

There are accomplishments I can feel proud of

and future goals I can name.



Fitira!  It is a multi-layered buttered phyllo-dough kind of pancake and it's delicious and filling.  We had ours with cheese and jam.

I also made a drink of apricot nectar and plain yogurt---half each.  It is so much easier and faster to drink yogurt than eat it.



After our prayer, I went back to sleep for an hour and a half.  


It was back to school today.  

For some reason, I ended up with not just one proctoring but two.  I was on my feet for 4 HOURS!  I know that other people have it hard in their jobs, and I discussed that before.  God bless them.  I'm just saying that I can't walk around for four hours while I'm fasting and feel OK.  

One thing I had to do while proctoring is tell the boy biting his nails to stop because if any of that enters his stomach while he's fasting, then he's broken his fast.

An interesting conversation I had with one of El Kid's friends, a Canadian boy, is about his perception of his first Ramadan.  

"Are people different during Ramadan?" I asked.

"Ya.  They're grumpier!"  He spoke up.

That's sad!  Please, oh dear people who are fasting, don't be such a grump in your fasting that your sad sack routine is the one and ONLY picture Non-Muslims of you as a Muslim.  That is our faith?  Whining and complaining?  

The cool thing is that he had to ask my son if he was fasting.  He hadn't known.  I kind of love that.  The fasting should be something more secretive than demonstrative.  

I was asked last week if I was fasting.  I told him that it wasn't polite to ask.  I've taken to telling boys that it's not polite to ask since girls and women don't fast when menstruating and parents really need to help them learn that.  My student asking had really been whining about being tired, thirsty and hungry.

I said with a smile, "Maybe I'm not fasting or maybe I am and I'm wanting extra hasanette, so I'm not complaining about it."


When I got home, I still had to make some veggies for iftar, or we wouldn't have any on the table. 


Oh, that is a must according to my Egyptian husband.  


No.  No.  Noooo ow!  My stomach hurts!

Egyptians are not big on preventative ANYTHING.

I grilled slices of eggplant and zucchini and then marinated them in oil, vinegar, salt, pepper, oregano, thyme and rosemary with two BIG cloves of garlic. 

Afterwards, I was going to sleep for a couple of hours, so I did something I don't usually:  I set my alarm.


My alarm went off and I woke up very confused.  The light was dim and it said 5:00.

I missed sohour!  I didn't pray fajr!

Yes, I was very confused and thought it was 5:00 AM not PM.  I got up very grateful that I hadn't missed a thing.

I made little sandwiches of tomato and leftover chicken on brown bakery bread (a treat from the supermarket after all that aish baladi).  The rest of the meal was going to be leftovers of rice and potatoes.



For a change, my hub was hanging it together and we had a nice dinner without any crab.  

The water pump wasn't as well behaved and needed to get fixed, which meant that Ahmed missed taraweah prayer.



I'll soon be praying isha, and hopefully reading QURAN.  I haven't read any today.  During the rest of the year, I do not read Quran each day.  I used to read an ayah or few every day and then I got away from it.  The tug I'm feeling when I don't read tells me that it helps and it's meaningful.  

Inshahallah, Ramadan will find a way to plane my rough edges. 

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